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Here I am with May Sarton at the party she had after the “May Sarton At 80” Conference at Westbrook College, June, 1992. (Photograph by Martha Wheelock)


I would say that since 1971 when I read a book by May Sarton called Plant Dreaming Deep”, Sarton’s writings began to become part of who I was and who I am today. Although her life and her self was very different than mine, much of what she wrote about resonated with what I thought about life. Her influence on me grew as read more of her work and eventually came to know her personally.

May 3,2012 will be May Sarton’s 100th birth anniversary. There will be a celebration of that in York, Maine. For more about “May Sarton Centennial Symposium” go to: http://www.maysarton100.org/. I will be one of the speakers there, so I am thinking a lot about the writer and how I came to know her and collaborate with her to create From May Sarton’s Well.  I am starting this blog to share my thoughts and some of my photographs from time to time with you who drop in on this website.