Well, actuarially “at last” was twenty years ago in September!

Goodale Hill Press has decided to celebrate this 20th anniversary of  From May Sarton’s Well ‘s publication by Papier-Mache Press. We are offering a copy of the book free to each of the first 20 people who request one! We’re making this easy–all you need to do is go to “Contact” at the top of the homepage and fill out the form. I will autograph your copy. If you would like a dedication, please state what you want me to write in the message block. Then hit “Send”.

It took my son Nick Schade’s recent blog announcing the 20th anniversary of his website,  to remind me that the actual publication of From May Sarton’s Well by Papier-Mache Press happened twenty years ago last month!

On September 26, 1994, I wrote the following in my journal. “May just called me to say the book has arrived! She is thrilled. Says ‘It is stunning!’ She said “it’s a very nice letter’ I wrote in the forward. (Phew!!! I was a little worried about that—though even more about the Afterword—which she didn’t mention). She ended, ‘Blessings on you.’”

Needless to say, I was thrilled with May Sarton’s reaction. I felt that, no matter whether the book is successful in the marketplace or not, it was worth all my work. However, I was still waiting impatiently for those early copies to arrive in my mailbox. They arrived the next day, both the hard and soft copy editions. I had to pinch myself to realize they were actually real!