Lenora Blouin’s “There Are No Farewells”

Lenora P. Blouin gave the first presentation at the May Sarton Centennial Symposium, May 3 – 6, 2012. In her talk that she called “There Are No Farewells”, Blouin quoted some of Sarton’s writings about birthdays, and revealed how her own discovery of Sarton’s writings lead her to compile a bibliography of all of Sarton’s writings. Blouin ended her piece by discussing Sarton’s legacy.

I feel a certain kinship Lenora Blouin. It was Sarton’s second memoir, Plant Dreaming Deep that marked our discovery of May’s work and eventually led to each of us to embark on a major project and produce a book celebrating Sarton’s writing. Actually, Lenora has published two volumes of her bibliography and has begun work on a third. My one book is From May Sarton’s Well.

            I enjoyed Lenora’s talk so much I asked her if I could include it on this website. I am very grateful that she agreed and here it is. [Read more…]