Mark Fulk on “Sarton as Poet and Secular Contemplative”

Mark Fulk, Lenora Blouin, Edith Schade

Dr. Mark K. Fulk, assistant professor of English at Buffalo State University of New York, presented a very interesting lecture at the May Sarton Centennial in May. He is the author of Understanding May Sarton, published by the University of South Carolina in 2001. I am pleased to include his talk “Sarton As a Poet and Secular Contemplative” in today’s Reflections.  For further information about him visit:

I was fortunate to have a chance to chat with Mark at the Poetry Celebration and Dinner the final evening of the Centennial. As we prepared to go into the informal meal, Linda Hedger snapped this picture of  Mark Fulk, Lenora Blouin (see my May 18, 2012 blog) and me.

Here is his lecture: [Read more…]